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Our Story

A Concrete Rose Bookbar Co. is the nation's first micro-winery, bookstore, tapas bar and intimate event space. Our mission is to create an unforgettable experience for our customers. With a self-pour wine and beer system on tap, compelling art and events, a soulful fusion menu and books curated to highlight people of the African diaspora, our space is sure to be the experience your soul needs. We believe that wine, books, and food bring people together and we can't wait for you to be a part of our community.

We aim to provide the community with the opportunity to learn about different cultures through the immersion of literature and art. We aim to provide the community with a place to freely express themselves and showcase their work on a regular basis. The inclusion of wine intersects a sophisticated experience with a casual experience giving our space an unpretentious vibe for all to enjoy.

Our vision is to establish a passion and appreciation for culture, literature and the arts through the wine bar and bookstore. We envision A Concrete Rose serving as a staple of growth and the merging of ideas in the community by providing a safe space for all to feel welcome. In celebrating and amplifying the stories of people of the African Diaspora, we hope to ignite conversations and actions that will positively change the dynamic of the relationships we have with others.


We are a married couple with a heart to enrich the lives of others through our experience and resources. We believe no one is free until we all are free and focus our work on utilizing our skillset to liberate others into healing, safety and access to the best version of themselves for a better and more inclusive community.

From Our Customers


John Smith

"I had an amazing time at A Concrete Rose Bookbar Co. The atmosphere was cozy and welcoming, and the wine selection was fantastic."


Jane Doe

"The food at A Concrete Rose Bookbar Co. was delicious and unique. I loved the fusion of different flavors and ingredients."


Mike Johnson

"The books at A Concrete Rose Bookbar Co. were curated with intention and purpose. I discovered some amazing reads and learned so much about the African diaspora."

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