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Wing Flight

This sampler of all of our wing sauce varieties includes 2 plain Adobo, 2 Concord BBQ and 2 Scotch Bonnet flavored wings.


Cheese Board

Assorted artisan cheeses, seasonal fruit, honey, toasted baguette

Cheese Board


Charcuterie Board


Cheese Boat

Single serving of assorted artisan cheeses, seasonal fruit, honey, crackers

Cheese Boat


Charcuterie Boat


Breakin' Bread

Toasted bread, garlic infused olive oil


Loaded Hummus

Olives, feta, cucumbers, red onion, tomatoes, hummus, pita | If you would like a vegan request to remove feta



Our tapas selection inspired by fusions of the African Diaspora are created to enjoy with multiple items on our menu.

Herbed Shrooms

Portabello mushrooms tossed in garlic and herbs


Patatas Bravas

Potatoes , salsa brava, garlic aioli



5 tossed wings in the sauce of your choice

Concord BBQ


Scotch Bonnet


Plain Adobo


Chickpea Curry

Chickpeas slow cooked in aromatic curry sauce over white rice


Hemings Perfection

4 Cheese macaroni and cheese. This mac and cheese is commonly ordered with short rib.


Short Rib Sliders

Slow simmered short rib, red wine, red onion, garlic butter bun, creamy garlic aioli


Honey Balsamic Glazed Carrots

Herbed honey carrot halves, balsamic glaze, feta | For vegan option, request w/o feta



Kale Caesar

Crisp kale lettuce, croutons, creamy caesar dressing, parmesan





Crab Bisque

Creamy lump crab bisque, dry sherry, fresh chives, served with toasted baguette


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