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  • Renaissance


    This Chardonnay and Reisling blend honor the rich legacy of Black Culture during various renaissance periods like the Harlem Renaissance, the Black Arts Movement, and contemporary movements that shape our culture and the world through Black art, literature, poetry, music and community.


    750 ml

    ABV: 12% 

    Blend: Chardonnay 30% Reisling 70%

    Notes: Semi-sweet, crisp pear and apple, floral, oak, acidic, light-bodied

    Pairing Suggestions: Seafood, chicken (grilled/ baked), mild spiced Asian cuisine, soft cheeses


    About the Label Artist, @KeishaFinnie: Keisha Finnie’s work explores the journey of evolution as not only an artist but a woman of color. Interpreting her personal experiences and observations, nurturing and visualizing her determination and resilience through touch and a strong color palette.

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